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Targa Tasmania - Bee style

semi-overcast 16 °C

Gday All

Drove up to Strahan yesterday. My goodness. I've never seen roads that twisted, turned up and down all in the same stretch of road with 100 metre drop offs just inches from the door.

I think Ron found the part into Queenstown especially challenging. His comment was along the lines of "thank goodness" once we got into the town. There was amazingly steep drop offs just near the passenger door and he was looking down into this with just a little bit of hesitation.

Frankly I couldn't tell cos I had my eyes glued to the road trying to avoid oncoming trucks, buses and other obstacles. So really I couldn't tell.

Booked into Franklin Manor which is beautiful. Rooms are incredibly comfortable, spacious and very old wordy. The food at the restaurant was to die for!

Didn't do much more for the rest of the day.

Today we went into the town and booked a helicopter tour and river cruise for tomorrow. So that's all taken care of now. This afternoon we go on a train tour into the wilderness so am really looking forward to that.

More piccies about to be loaded up onto the blog once I've got this posted.


Bee and Ron

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Tassie Adventures

Looking up Rellies from the past

sunny 20 °C

Arrived in Tassie Thursday 30th and picked up the Hire Car.

Found the B&B we were booked into. Thank goodness for GPS.

Had a wonderful dinner over looking the Bellerive area and the Yacht Club.

Drove to Pt Aurthur on Friday 31st and went on a walking tour and cruise to the Isle of the Dead. All of it fascinating. What we found absolutely wonderful was all of the tour guides seemed to be so enthusiastic about their role and passing on their knowledge. Lovely people and great ambassadors for Tassie.

We had a dinner at "Felons" restaurant, then joined a Ghost Tour and wandered through many of the buildings in the dark. Must say the poor feet were just a llittle achy by the time we went to bed. Fantastic experience but unfortunately didn't see any ghosts. Just a bit of a breeze on my neck at some stage in a basement of one of the buildings.

New Years day so Happy New Year to you all. We are off to Strachan today. Apparently it is about a 4hr drive but with the twisty roads, it might take a bit longer.

Will load on more photos soon.


B and Ron

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Rest Day

Retail Therapy 101

sunny 30 °C

Dear All

Have loaded a video onto Facebook showing the Tiger Cubs at Mogo Zoo.

Am in the process of loading a video up on the White Lions which hopefully isn't too long but is great to see the Lions and their relating to each other.

Went to Miranda Fare today and had some retail therapy. Got that itch scratched now and just getting things organised for the fly out to Tassie tomorrow.

Be more piccies on the blog soon.


Bee and Ron

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Back in Sydney

How to make a Peugeot fly!

overcast 20 °C

Dear All

Travelled back to Sydney today. Only took about 3hrs. All the traffic seemed to be heading in the other direction, which really did it for me!

Just that bit warmer now, which is a good thing because I've been just a little on the chilly side for the last couple of days. Except I burnt my head. The day at the Zoo was extremely overcast but my head got burnt and is now just a little on the "touchy"side. Just gotta suck it up really!

Now just getting excited things happening like washing etc............The world is just not ready for me walking around naked. Thankfully!


Take care


Bee and Ron

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Batemans Bay and Mogo Zoo

Seeing the good work some people do

overcast 21 °C

Went to Mogo Zoo today. It is a private zoo run on the outskirts of a small town called Mogo.

Wonderful different animals kept in what seems like very good enclosures. Saw beautiful Tiger cubs, tigers, Lions and White Lions as well.

Took a huge amount of piccies which I've loaded onto the blog. Some good piccies.

Back to Lugarno tomorrow.

Catcha all later

Bee and Ron

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